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*Almost guilt-free dessert

So, Chris and I were driving around today when we both had a really strong craving for ice cream. However, we have found that there really aren’t many good ice cream options in North Carolina (at least not in the area that we live). We found what was supposed to be a Baskin Robbins on Chris’ GPS, but when we arrived, it was a place called The Skinny Dip instead.

Inside, it was a really neat place where you grab a cup and fill up on your choice of frozen yogurt selections along with a wide array of topping choices. It was both delicious and almost guilt-free as many of the frozen yogurt choices were fat-free and/or sugar free.

Best of all, they let you take these little sampling cups so that you can test each frozen yogurt selection to see if you like it or not. After sampling almost every single flavor they had, I wound up settling for a mixture of fat-free pistachio and dark chocolate frozen yogurt. I then moved over to the toppings bar and loaded up on some fresh strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and chocolate cookie dough chunks. For under $5, it was TOTALLY worth it, and it definitely hit the spot!

Definitely go and visit The Skinny Dip if you happen to be in the Cary, NC area!

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