run, janelle, run!

Running Rambles

  • 1 week battling an upper respiratory infection + 1 week recovering from an upper respiratory infection has now equaled 2 weeks of me not exercising…at all.
  • I want to run again..
  • but my bf wants me to take a couple of extra days to fully recover..
  • and it’s too cold outside.
  • Getting back into an exercise routine after taking a couple of weeks off is TOUGH.
  • I know that it will be difficult for me to get motivated
  • especially with all of this “below freezing” weather we’ve had lately..
  • and I hate running on treadmills
  • almost as much as I hate running in the cold.
  • I’ve been craving a lot of ice cream lately.
  • I definitely need a new pair of running shoes..
  • Some cold-weather running clothes wouldn’t hurt either.
  • I need to get more sleep.
  • Sometimes I wonder if getting sick recently had something to do with switching to a vegetarian diet…
  • well..primarily vegetarian.
  • I need to take better care of myself I guess…and get my diet and sleep matched up to my exercise regimen…
  • After all, I’m signed up for 2 (maybe 3) soccer leagues, starting in January.
  • God, I hate this weather.

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