run, janelle, run!

new beginnings

Have you ever had someone hit you so hard that when you fell over, it knocked the wind out of you?


From the beginning, right up to the very end-

has been a tumultuous year.

Punctuated by momentary periods of smiles and laughter.

I’ve learned things about myself that I never knew before; realized I had friends where I didn’t think I had any and have been both witness to as well as the direct recipient of- pure, unadulterated kindness, love and support in some of the most profound forms and from those whom I least expected.

winter beach run

Life is a journey.

And as tough as you may think you are-

As hard as you train-

The human heart is still fragile…

But sometimes, you discover that your spirit is stronger.

So, I pull the last loop through and stand up tall, stretching my arms to the sky.

I close my eyes one last time, allowing the last tears to roll down my cheeks.

And taking a deep breath, I slowly put one foot in front of the other and begin again.


To run.


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