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Move Over Cookbooks! MacGourmet for iPhone

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I’m not a huge “app aficionado”. There are no angry feathered-creatures, fruit warriors, words with acquaintances, or fancy picture-gram apps on my phone. However, if there is one app that has become my favorite app in the entire world (maybe even my soulmate app if that’s such a thing?) it’s my recipe app!! It’s called MacGourmet (obviously for Mac users but I am sure there are plenty of PC equivalents) and I absolutely love it!

Over the last couple of years, I have discovered that my favorite passions include anything having to do with health, nutrition, and cooking. Most of all, I love chatting with people about these topics. People have told me that my face actually lights up when I talk about how I make my nut milks (almond, walnut and cashew, to name a few). And now, right in the middle of a conversation about my vegetable lasagna or my homemade energy bars, I can deliver the entire recipe to a person’s email within seconds, thanks to the MacGourmet app.

Hundreds of Recipes Minus the Desktop Clutter

Since I have become quite the cook at home, I’ve also become a recipe book hoarder! I used to walk into the grocery store carrying about 3-5 different recipe books at a time to figure out dinner for the week. I always had issues traveling too because they seemed to take up way too much space in my suitcase! But now all I have to do is click through a few screens on the phone and BOOM I have it all at the touch of my fingers!

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Basically the app is linked to an actual software program on my computer. I can manually input or import recipes and then I just have to refresh the app on my phone and it adds the new ones! There are so many details that can be included – everything from assigning categories to prep time, nutrition facts, kitchen equipment needed, and a spot for a picture!

I think I have the most fun taking the picture of my creation and uploading it to the computer so that the recipe entry becomes really complete. Afterwards, I have a blast sharing the recipe photo on Facebook with friends and family.

Over 200 Recipes and Counting

I’m excited to say I have currently uploaded more than 200 recipes via MacGourmet since July of last year, and I look forward to adding more. If you love recipes and love to share them, I highly recommend some kind of app that works for you so that you always have healthy meal choices close by!

Kristin Horstman

About the Author:

Kristin Horstman is a 30-year-old nutrition and fitness enthusiast who resides in Arizona with her husband. She enjoys trying out new, meatless meals as well as attending classes and seminars pertaining to diet and fitness.

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