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My Sugar Addiction

The warm, sweet smell wafts throughout the house. Somewhere, downstairs, a timer goes off. The oven door is opened, the smell intensifying. Moments later, a cold glass of skim milk and a warm, chocolate chip cookie are married together- a lovely reception of melted chocolate, sugar, cocoa and milk coursing through my veins, filling me with unbridled joy- a match made in Heaven. -jv


Gimmee the Sweet Stuff

When life turns sour, sometimes it’s nice to have something sweet to temporarily pick you up.

I love chocolate chip cookies.

But not just any chocolate chip cookies.

I am picky.

I don’t like chocolate chip cookies with any “extras”. No nuts, raisins, extra fudge or any of that nonsense. They can’t be too sweet or too bland; too large or too tiny. In fact, the one brand of chocolate chip cookies that I am particularly fond of is Chips Ahoy!

When I’m on a sugar kick, I’ll carefully arrange a fanned out circle of Chips Ahoy! cookies on a plate, pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and dunk them in cold, skim milk.


Everyone who knows me knows that I am a total sucker for sweets. Girlscout Samoas, Italian rainbow cookies, apple pie, Dunkin’ Donuts Boston Kremes…

Growing Up Junk Food Free

At 30-years old, I purposely avoid filling my kitchen pantry or refrigerator with junk food, including sugar- something which I’ve carried over from when I was growing up.

My mother never bought junk food. We never ate Ring Dings, Devil Dogs, Twinkies or Gushers. We always had a healthy serving of fruits and veggies at every meal. Lunches were made at home and brought to school, dinners were eaten as a family at the dining table [Gasp!], and sugary treats were these foreign ‘things’ that my grandmother would bring over on occasion when she came to visit.

I would often observe my friends eating their lunches at school and make mental comparisons. Where a typical lunch for me would consist of a bottle of water, deli turkey with mustard and lettuce on whole wheat bread, some wheat thins and a Ziploc bag filled with grapes; their lunch would include: a can of soda, a packet of gummy bears, some sort of sandwich on white bread with mayo and Doritos.

No one ever asked to trade their lunches with me.

To this day, I still eat pretty healthy. Admittedly, I could probably step it up in the veggies department, but one of my downfalls continues to be sugar. My grandmother is a self-proclaimed sugar addict, and the two of us constantly joke that I get my sweet tooth from her; and it takes everything I have to not completely collapse into a diabetic coma every time I drive out to visit her.

When I’m by myself, I can usually control the sugar cravings, but when I’m in social situations (particularly when around family), my sugar snout automatically detects any sweets within a 4-room radius; and then it’s Go-Time. I’ve found myself getting annoyed lately when I’m home, visiting my parents: “You know I have a problem with sugar- so why do you buy this stuff when you know I’m here?!”

Is it an addiction? Is it wrong to love the way chocolate tastes like liquid gold or the way warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream melt together?

I don’t think so.

But when you can’t stop at one small slice of pie; when you can’t just have 3 chocolate chip cookies and call it a day; when you’ve made your 3rd or 4th trip back to the refrigerator for that third cup of “healthy” yogurt, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

Below are some suggestions to help you (and me) get started.

5 Tips to Skip the Sugar

  • Don’t buy it! The easiest way to avoid consuming sugar is to avoid buying it in the first place. Keep your kitchen stocked with plenty of fresh or frozen fruits and veggies instead- this way the only options you have are healthy ones!
  • Drink plenty of water or herbal tea. Water fills you up and keeps your body hydrated. Both are important for your overall health!
  • Exercise. Exercising will help to reinvigorate you and will reinforce your fitness goals and mental willpower.
  • Clean out the mental junk before you eat it! There are plenty of studies which link our emotional connection to junky/sugary foods. Something bothering you? Pick up the phone and talk to a family member or friend, and make sure you stay out of the kitchen when you chat! Most mindless snacking takes place while talking on the phone.


Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you that you have to absolutely cut out ALL sugar from your life. There’s nothing wrong with eating in moderation, but if you are just starting out or know that you lack the willpower to control yourself [Ahem..], then it’s probably in your best interest to avoid sugary snacks. Otherwise, don’t beat yourself up over having a couple of cookies or a slice of cake here and there.

The bagel, an unsweetened doughnut with rigor mortis.  -Beatrice & Ira Freeman

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