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Naturally Protein Packed Pancakes

Everyone can agree that pancakes are delicious. However, it can be argued that pancakes are not always the healthiest breakfast option. So, I decided to make a healthy version, and I took inspiration from Sarah Bakian and her delicious, fitness-inspired Instagram posts. You can actually find more of Sarah’s other healthy pancake creations at her blog.

Below is a recipe for naturally protein-packed pancakes. Take a look, and give it a try!

Egg White Oat Pancakes


  • (5) Egg whites
  • (1) Cup dry oats (blended into flour consistency)


  • Blend the oats into a fine consistency (I used a coffee bean grinder to do this).
  • Add the egg whites to the oats and mix well.
  • Ladle the mixture into a nonstick pan, turning over when the mixture bubbles along the edges.
  • Serve with warm, raw honey (as pictured). You can also serve with your syrup of choice.
  • Enjoy!

Egg White Oat Pancakes

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